Why introverts like the rain

We like the rain because of the white noise.

The sound of a trillion tiny drops per second creating a continuous hiss that overpowers every other sound in the world.  The smooth unchanging rhythm of this loud outdoor spray caresses the mind.  It’s a break from chaos; a steady dose of consistent and predictable stimulation for our senses, which is a rare gift  for reality to grant.   Sometimes there is a melody that breaks the monotony –a splash, a hidden leak that creates a hollow tune, or the percussive beat of a heavy beads pattering against metal and glass.  But the background stays the same: always hissing.

We like the rain because it forces people to walk around with barriers.

They are obligated to raise shields made of hoods and umbrellas.  Raincoats and boots.  No exposed skin, no vulnerability.  A cocoon of layers that creates a sense of isolation and detachment, where we feel anonymous and invisible among a sea of lowered heads moving too quickly through the mist to notice one another.  We are unseen, yet still connected in that we are enveloped by one melting sky.  We still share its consequences because, inevitably, the rain effects our day.  It changes our plans, one way or another, however different.  So, in this way, everyone in the rain shares a temporary bond.  A commonality that is acknowledged silently and privately behind barriers: this is our ideal version of unity.

We like the rain because it lowers expectations.

Clear skies and transparent atmosphere ripples into a liveliness that encourages activity, which for most involves socializing.  We are expected to enjoy the weather in ways that are overstimulating.  We feel the poking and prodding against our privacy bubble, friends and family and coworkers yanking on our arm to join in, when instead we’d prefer to curl up and enjoy our own thoughts via quiet, or the thoughts of others through art and words.  But the rain drowns this spirit of extroverted energy.  We smile when someone looks out the speckled window and confesses the desire to just stay home, because this is how we always feel.  In the time of rain, the population’s spiritual wavelength levels with our own.  For this short time, we are understood.

When it rains, the world is ours.

29 thoughts on “Why introverts like the rain

  1. I’m laughing as I read this. I feel this way about camping near the beach. When it rains, I’m rapt because there’s zero pressure to get up from my creative pursuits of drawing or reading or writing or chatting and go to the beach which I find hot and windy. I don’t mind it at sunset and sunrise though … thanks for this contemplation on how rain unifies us.

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    1. Thanks…and thanks for posting my very first comment! It’s funny how the image of a beach during the day contrasts drastically to that of it during dusk or dawn: buzzing and chaotic vs calm and serene. Like alternate dimensions of the same place LOL.

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  2. So true. You have expressed how i feel but put it more eloquently than i could ever write.

    I almost dread the summer. Too much pressure to ‘enjoy’ myself – bbq parties, festivals etc. The heat feels oppressive for some reason.

    Most others feel depressed if it starts to rain – the same people dread the earlier darkness winter brings. Me, I’m not bothered so much.

    Thanks for the article.

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  3. This was so beautiful! As an introverted Southern Californian, the enveloping intimacy of the rain is something that I don’t get to experience all too often, but that makes it all the more special (we’ll even declare the lightest misting “rain” and shut ourselves in). In spite of the constant, drizzling pitter-patter of falling drops outside, rain somehow manages to evoke an internal quietness in people who like to occupy the spaces within their own mind.

    Great post!!

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  4. Your post was so poetic. It has helped me to look differently at gloomy weather and rainy days which I normally dread. From a family of introverts, I used to feel that the world belonged to the talkers and social butterflies. I was on the outside in the rain looking in on people smiling and laughing at a cocktail party I longed to join, but knew that inside that room I would seek out a corner and hide out until I could leave. Painful. So thank you for the rain and the quiet solitude it often brings.

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  5. wow. this was absolutely beautiful. I have always loved rain but never knew why. I knew that I liked the thought of plans changing and what not like you have mentioned but I never knew what it meant or how to put my feelings into words. you have taken the thoughts out of my head, transformed them to make perfect sense and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. so, thank you.

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  6. Lovely description, I was really right there with you the whole time. And I also love the rain for all the reasons you described! It’s amazing how you managed to capture the real essence of why introverted people love the rain, I’ve never been able to put it into words before – thank you.


  7. I really enjoyed this post. I’m one of the introverts that you speak about, and while I enjoy the solitude that a soft rain can offer, I also love the energy that a good thunderstorm provides. I will usually be found sitting under the protection of the front porch during a storm, feeling the wind gently play with my hair, while out in the yard it carelessly tosses branches for the wood into the yard, and buckets of water create little whirlpools in the flowerbed. It’s been too long since we’ve had a ‘gully-washer’ around here!


  8. I love rains a lot..sitting by the window against the glass sipping coffee or reading a book while the world is absorbed in a noisy kind of silence. It revives the soul. The greenery and freshness and the cold breeze as the aftereffects! what else do we need? The Nature is in its best form and the smell of wet soil is addictive.


  9. I love the rain so much but can’t express it as eloquently as you have here. I know that I love the rain because it’s dark and grey ( I always liked Eyore from Winnie the Pooh). I like to put on my beanie and hoodie or hide under an umbrella. Yes I am an ultra introvert but I enjoy it. And that’s why I’m planning on moving to a rainy city in Oregon. I’m a newbie blogger and would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me. Either way thank you for your inspirational writings. – bel


  10. I love the rain to hide under my umbrella. I also love the sun, to hide behind my sunglasses. Never have I thought about rain before using the lens of an introvert. This was great!


  11. I love what you wrote about the relaxation, community, and comfort found in the rain. I just started my blog today with a meditation on the rain (and my blog is called Yellow Crane in the Rain).


  12. P.S. Many of the people leaving comments live in the Pacific Northwest, where the rain, I understand, can fall for a whole day or several days. I live in Mobile, Alabama, where the rain is more intense (I believe the annual rainfall here is greater), but it rarely rains all day, and usually the sun is out. I think I would prefer the PNW. I used to live in Taiwan, and one year, it rained for the whole month of March (which got to be a bit much, even for me).

    Sometimes it’s hard to justify going to a movie on a sunny day; in fact, it makes me feel guilty. It’s a shame that I feel compelled to take advantage of the sunshine.

    I’d like to re-blog your essay on my blog in a few days (if that’s what re-blogging is).


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