Silly Words

What is this?

I made peanut butter.  I heard humans on Earth like it.

This isn’t peanut butter.

There are peas.  And nuts.  And I mixed them into butter.

No, no.  You need peanuts.

Peanut is one thing?

Yes.  Look, this is a peanut.

This is a legume.  It is neither a pea nor a nut.

I know.

I am confused.

It’s just a name. 

A name, with no logic?

Look, it’s called a peanut, ok?  To make it into butter, you grind and smash it.

More confusion.


Butter is a dairy product.

Yeah, but this has the consistency of butter.

So, that qualifies it as butter?


My confusion remains…

Don’t over think it.

…because there are many other foods that possess the consistency of butter and…

Ok, ok!  I can’t really explain it.  Let’s just move on.

I’d prefer that.  Although I have failed at peanut butter, I am confident in the next one.

Does it involve the guy behind you with all the sheep?

Yes.  I believe he is what you call a German Shepherd.  Is this correct?

2 thoughts on “Silly Words

  1. I too take things very literally, I have to work quite hard sometimes to detect half-truths and sarcasm! It makes my closest friends laugh a lot and it makes strangers look at me a little awkwardly. I personally find it funny!


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